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Step 1

Contact information for you. To be able to conduct business with you we need to have full contact information on file.

Step 2

Select a web site name. ( First you need to make certain it is available.
Click the button below and type in names you want until you find one that's available. You may use .com, .net, .org, .info, or .biz.
Once you've chosen yours, close the window and return here to enter it in the box.

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Select the template you want us to use to design your site. When you've chosen which number, close the window and return here to enter it in the box.

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Select your fonts and colors. When you've chosen them close the window and return here to enter each item into the box. A bit confused? Leave it up to our experience to choose this for you if you desire. You can always request adjustment when we show it to you.

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Tell us any information you want--or do not want--included in your site: name, description of you and your services, your location, slogan, phone, working hours, prices, descriptive text, etc. Any special instructions can also be added here.


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